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Need to look extra good for that special occasion? Why not get it done by a professional? Whether you’re looking for that organic touch to highlight your natural beauty or you want something more creative and special, you can leave it to us. From that perfect contour and subtle highlights, to high cheekbones, bold red lips and smokey eyes, we do it all.

Our makeup artists always aim to make something that uniquely fits your face type and personality. We care about your opinion as well, and will do everything to make you feel happy and comfortable with the end result. Because feeling good about yourself makes you look even better. Even more, we can come to your place and you can relax in the comfort of your home while we get you that perfect face everybody will gaze at.

  • On-location makeup service available
  • Get personalized advice beforehand, discuss and try-out what style works for you
  • Highest quality makeup products, applied by trained professionals
  • Uniquely customized to your face type, personality and desire
  • Expert makeup artists who are on top of the latest trends
  • Timely, clean and with great attention to detail

Makeup Levels

From that simple organic touch to full-on airbrush wedding makeup. We do it all.


  • An organic, natural, ‘every day’-type of look
  • Minimal makeup coverage
  • No false lashes included
  • Natural Makeup

Fresh Face

  • A more elaborate coverage with false lashes included
  • Beautiful Glowy Skin finish
  • Light contouring
  • Neutral or light smokey eyes
  • Fresh Face Makeup


  • A full coverage with Matte Skin finish
  • Dramatic eye shadow
  • High definition contouring
  • False lashes included
  • Glam Makeup

Air Brush

  • Special technique & products that provide flawless coverage and lasting results
  • Extraordinary results & looks the best on photos
  • Mainly used for bridal parties and special events
  • Option to go from light to full coverage
  • Eye shadow can go from light smokey eyes to dramatic eye shadow
  • False lashes are optional
  • Air Brush Makeup

Absolutely the best! For any special occasion or event, I go to Angel dreams and they NEVER disappoint. Makeup and hair always comes out perfect and better than I imagined. Thank you Angie & team.

Michelle Mesa

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the service level type, a Natural coverage can be as quick as 15 minutes, while a full-on airbrush session can last over an hour. In any case, we will advise well beforehand how much time we need for the type of makeup level we agreed on. If you have any doubts, just reach out to us.

We ensure a professional application, and skin preparation, that will maximize the time your makeup lasts. This is typically a full day or night if not exposed to too much moisture. If you go for an airbrush makeup job, your makeup will last even longer, a full day and night while rarely needing a touch up. That’s why we recommend them for weddings in particular.

Sure, you can always bring an example image to explain to us what you’re looking for. We do focus on beauty makeup however, like a smooth, organic touch-up or glamorous, cat-walk ready makeup. We don’t do as much creative/art makeup, like getting tiger-face for example. But don’t worry, you’ll still feel like a true lioness when you walk out of our salon.

Contact Us

  • Angels Dream, NJ
  • +32156846230


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